Rozlyn confronted by Chris Harrison, Bachelor women about her alleged affair at the reunion

After last night’s epic confrontation between Chris Harrison, Rozlyn Papa, and various women from the show on The Women Tell All, I’d guess that pretty much everyone still thinks what they think yesterday. Either The Bachelor 14 contestant is completely full of shit, or the show is actively working to make her look like that and enlisting the women’s help, too.

While I started this season very skeptical of what I called conspiracy theories, I’ve come to move closer to believing that theory. Part of that is just in the way the show presented Rozlyn, because the producers did their best to humiliate her, like when she was shown being led around backstage, or saying “Should’ve peed first. Whoops!” while waiting. They also cut to shots of audience members with skeptical looks on their faces constantly, and Chris Harrison did his best to try to make her look like a lying child, which he actually called her.

Before Rozyln came out, the other women all presented Chris Harrison with their evidence, as if he’s some kind of neutral judge. We got three major pieces of evidence. Ashleigh said, “Chris, the truth of the story is several of us witnessed so many things throughout the house that were just inappropriate, in our face. The cuddling, the kissing on the forehead. They weren’t hiding anything. And if they were trying to, they were really bad it. And several of us, including myself, went to some of the producers and expressed our concerns because we were just uncomfortable.”

When Chris asked, “did anyone see anything specific?”, Jessie said, “I did. I actually didn’t say anything until right now, but actually one day–it was just before she got booted out in the rose ceremony for when it all went down. It was the day before and I wasn’t feeling well that day so I went inside and I heard something on the stairs. I’m really nosy. So I walked around and I peeked around, and there was Rozlyn and the producer. The producer was lying back on the stairs and she was on top of him and they were making out.”

And Ella added that one day, before everyone went to bed, Rozyln “was on all fours on the couch and she bent down, like her lower body down and her butt was sticking up in the air. And she said, if you all see the producer, tell him to come on in because I need to be put to bed.”

When Rozlyn finally came out, she and Chris got into it right away, and it was a good throwdown. Rozlyn definitely admitted having a friendship, and perhaps one that really did cross a line that is inappropriate for a reality show production. But she denied anything physical happened, and told Chris that “you didn’t accuse me of that.”

Rozlyn did say that the producer “gave me his phone to use when you guys wouldn’t let me talk to my son because there was no camera crew available. That was your reason: We don’t have anybody to capture it, we don’t have any camera crew available; sorry, we can’t let you call your son.”

When Chris asked, “Did anything physical happen in the house?”, Rozlyn said, “No absolutely not. Absolutely nothing,” and later told him, “Chris, I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time understanding.” Chris was his typical condescending, smarmy self, going into his little speech about his kids which ended with him saying, “Son, isn’t the simplest story the truth?”

Anyway, that’s when Chris let the contestants present their evidence, and Rozyln made faces the whole time that did not help her case. Christina said, “We all saw you guys cuddling 24/7 … so much that it made us uncomfortable and we left the room.” When Jessie recounted her story of seeing them on the stairs, Rozlyn replied, “On my child’s life, that never happened,” and the awful audience members groaned, as if they know anything other than how to sit their assess in a chair.

Ella repeated the all-fours story, and Rozlyn said, “This is unreal. Is this the same girl that was talking about fried uterus on the show?” Valishia offered some thin evidence, saying, “I just never thought that was true when I first heard it” but added that she “woke up at 4 in the morning” and “I looked for you in the entire house and I didn’t find you.”

Rozlyn finally got down to her best argument: “You have cameras all over the place. And you somehow miss the biggest scandal of the season. That’s impressive,” she told Chris Harrison.

Chris was ready for this, and said, “We know what we’re going to use. … We don’t shoot you 24/7, you don’t have microphones on 24/7, there is a lot of downtime. We’re not running a Las Vegas casino, we’re not worried about you stealing anything. What we are trying to do is shoot a television show and the producers know, especially if it’s an overnight producer, when and where the cameras are gonna be. Is that not true?”

His argument makes sense–a producer would know how to avoid cameras–but wouldn’t that same producer who’s dodging camera crews be smart enough not to make out with a contestant on the freakin’ staircase?

Anyway, Rozlyn got into a tussle with Chris as she made another good point: “Excuse me, if you’re going to ask me a question, you can calm down and let me answer it. It says in my contract that you can have recording devices anywhere you want, listening devices, you don’t have to tell me about it.”

That’s when Chris pretended he was a child and said, “How do you not know about it?” and producers showed us a camera operator holding a massive camera, as if all cameras are that big. Please: We’ve seen hidden camera shows so we know better, although The Bachelor hasn’t used footage from those kinds of cameras, if it has them. And I’m sure producers have smaller cameras around in case something happens at an unplanned moment. They’re not that dumb.

Chris asked Rozlyn if this was “all complete lies,” and she said “absolutely,” telling him that the producer and her “remain friends. We both kinda got…” She said he met his dad, and Chris, being his oh-so-clever self, said to the other women, “Show of hands, did any producers and parents swing by your houses?”

He then insisted there was “a mountain of evidence, multiple confessions, multiple sightings,” while Rozlyn countered, “just because you say it doesn’t make it so.” Chris said, “I don’t say it,” and Rozyln replied, “Oh, that’s right, you just hide down in other people’s speculation.” Even if I didn’t find her argument to be somewhat plausible, I still admire her refusal to take his bullshit. She wasn’t above hitting below the belt, either, like when Chris mentioned he was friends with the producer, and Rozlyn said, “he says that’s news to him, especially while you were hitting on his wife in New Zealand; that was crazy.”

Chris said, “I clearly won’t dignify that with a response” and “I hope truly in my heart that you have learned a life lesson.” Yes: Don’t date on TV.

There was more to the reunion, but since Jake is so damn boring he only got a little time, and really, that was the only truly interesting part of the two hours, except for the outtakes, which were very amusing. Jake asked a producer what self-deprecating meant (“That’s not like self-defectating, is it?”), and actually appeared human querying/mocking Chris Harrison about his white teeth.

My favorite moment outside of the Rozlyn stuff, though, was when Chris Harrison said, “It’s amazing what you learn watching yourself back. You’re never as cool as you think you are.” That was nice of him to confess.

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