Jeff Probst will host Survivor 21 and 22

Jeff Probst will host seasons 21 and 22 of Survivor, as he’s renewed his contract for one additional year. Last summer, he said that he was still considering whether or not he wanted to return, saying he genuinely “didn’t know” whether he’d re-sign.

But this morning, Jeff wrote on Twitter, “Survivor fans: I’m jazzed and wanted to share with you guys first -I’ll be back snuffing torches for two more seasons (21&22) of Survivor.”

He elaborates in Entertainment Weekly–where else would Probst or CBS go with information?–and said, “I’m not approaching this as my last year of Survivor. I was just comfortable taking it one year at a time. It certainly made it easier for me to just commit to one year and then we can revisit it again next year if everybody wants to.”

He also said the relative failure of his show Live for the Moment had nothing to do with his decision: “…I want to be clear: It had nothing to do with whether I was coming back to Survivor or not. This was just taking a moment after 10 years to take a look at my future, and where I saw it going, and what I wanted to do with it, before signing my contract.”

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