10 Project Runway designers presented collections at Fashion Week

On Friday morning, the remaining 10 Project Runway 7 designers presented collections at Fashion Week in New York, thereby keeping the results of the show secret. Faith Hill served as the finale’s guest celebrity judge.

Having decoy collections presented by contestants who aren’t in the running for the prize is nothing new, but having 10 designers present collections is the second ham-fisted version of that under Lifetime’s watch. Last year, the designers didn’t get to present their work publicly, although the show was later edited to look as though they did. Because of the timing of Fashion Week and the later start for the the show in January, a huge group of designers had to present this year.

Because of that, there were “so many designers that even its surprise guest judge had trouble keeping track,” according to the AP, which says that ended up “turning a normally refined runway into a whirlwind of faces, names and genres.”

New York Magazine has slideshows of each collection and a rundown of the event. As to who did the best, The Wall Street Journal says that, based on the looks, “Consensus seemed to settle on Jay Nicolas Sario as the best of the morning.”

10 ‘Runway’ designers crowd finale catwalk [AP]

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