Oprah’s final year as a talk show host will be filmed for a behind-the-scenes reality series

Behind-the-scenes footage of Oprah Winfrey’s 25th season will be filmed for a weekly reality series called, surprisingly, Behind the Scenes: Oprah’s 25th Season.

It will air on her new network, OWN, which is currently Discovery Health. In a statement, Discovery said the series will give “a unique glimpse into the lives of the staff and the happenings between a special group of people who over decades have truly become a family” and “explore this rare collection of people by following a core cast of regulars from various departments as they work and navigate the last days of the show.”

Oprah will grace the series with her benevolent presence in order to “share her perspective and personal reflections on what has become a cultural phenomenon,” according to the adjective-heavy press release, which also says the series “will offer viewers unprecedented access to Harpo, capturing the anticipation and excitement of the beloved show in its last season.”

That sounds like it’s setting us up for an even bigger version of what America loves even more than kittens: an Oprah-gasm.

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