Uncensored Jersey Shore season one DVD released today

If you missed the late 2009, early 2010 phenomenon known as Jersey Shore, or you just want to own it so you can fall asleep watching Snooki every night, the first-season DVD is being released today.

Jersey Shore: Season 1 Uncensored is exclusive to Amazon.com and includes all nine episodes. It’s not clear what exactly “uncensored” means, like if it includes non-bleeped language or even Snooki getting punched. Special features, according to Amazon’s product page, include deleted scenes, the reunion, and “tips from The Situation and Snooki.”

All nine full episodes are also on iTunes and Amazon Video On Demand.

A man punched by Ronnie in one episode tried to stop the DVD’s release, saying MTV and Ronnie shouldn’t profit over the attack, but a judge ruled that he “failed to demonstrate any financial or irreparable harm” from the DVD release, the AP reported.

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