Sober House’s second-season cast announced as Celebrity Rehab wraps up its third season

Celebrity Rehab ends its third season on VH1 next week, and some of its patients will move on to Sober House, which will take over when its parent show concludes.

I’m glad it’s back, because I found it to be even more compelling than Celebrity Rehab, although this season of Rehab has been pretty incredible, starting with Heidi Fleiss’ fascinating replacement of people in her life with birds and going on to Kari Ann Peniche tantrums, Joey Kovar’s flip-out about the cameras, Mike Starr’s weird psychotic break, and Dennis Rodman’s ongoing denial. And last week’s was an emotional episode, topped off by Tom Sizemore breaking down and crying after seeing video of himself from earlier in his life contrasted with more recent footage.

Anyway, VH1 just announced the cast of Sober House, which returns March 11 for its second season. Those who will be living in the house are Seth “Shifty” Binzer, Tom Sizemore, Heidi Fleiss, Dennis Rodman, Kari Ann Peniche, Mike Starr, Jennifer Ketcham, and Kendra Jade Rossi.

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