“Some” of the top 24 will be revealed tonight in a shocking American Idol first

American Idol 9 is down to its two final Hollywood week episodes, and in the most shocking news ever, Fox announced yesterday that for the first time ever, “some of the Top 24 semifinalists will be revealed” during tonight’s two-hour episode. Yes, some! Unbelievable!

Usually, the show reveals its top 24 on the Wednesday episode, which concludes with them attempting to dance to a catchy song. But–spoiler alert!–“some” will be revealed on the Tuesday episode after contestants “perform their final solo number,” Fox said. The “remaining contestants” will be revealed tomorrow night.

Why this shocking change? Is it because the show is up against the Olympics? Or because the top 24 has been revealed online? Or because on a slow holiday news day this press release actually generated a surprising number of headlines?

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