Simon Cowell’s $1.8 million, two-story dressing room trailer has “a children’s play area”

Ryan Seacrest’s staff has posted photos and details about Simon Cowell’s dressing room, which is actually a $1.8 million two-story trailer with five flat-screen TVs and, inexplicably, “a children’s play area.” Maybe that’s where Ryan Seacrest comes over to play?

Simon’s trailer is discussed in detail in a blog post that includes photos of Ryan’s considerably humbler dressing room, which resembles a college dorm room. Here are the details it provides about Simon’s space:

“Simon’s trailer, officially called the Anderson Mobile Estate, costs $1.8 million, weighs 40 tons, is 75 feet long and contains 1,200 square feet of living space. The first floor has three plasma-screen TVs, two all-granite bathrooms and a full-service 14-foot-tall kitchen equipped with marble floors, clerestory windows, Sub-Zero fridge and matched-grain Italian cherrywood cabinetry.

Upstairs there’s a bedroom with a king-size bed, a sitting area that accommodates 30, a children’s play area and two more plasma-screen TVs (one 50 inches, the other 65 inches). There’s a satellite uplink. When the wind outside exceeds 15 miles an hour, an anemometer tells the awnings to fold up.

Security is tight. On one Estate a thumbprint scanner controls access to the bedroom. Should an unauthorized party enter the trailer when the owner is away, the security system dials his cell phone and transmits an image of the intruder.”

There are some (poor) photos of the interior on the manufacturer’s web site. Why exactly Simon needs any of this isn’t quite clear, but between this and his ridiculous salary, you’d think he could look a little more interested sometimes.

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