Howard Stern’s name floated as possible Simon Cowell replacement

In the endless game of “Who Will Replace Simon?”, an unlikely name has surfaced: Howard Stern. Page Six cites an “insider” and claims that Stern “is their top choice” to replace Simon, but at least as the sense to cite another source who says, “We believe this is a ploy to make Sirius pay up and keep him on his huge contract.”

As MJ points out, this all makes very little rational sense. She writes, “I find it hard to believe Idol producers would hire a personality as polarizing as Stern’s–especially amongst their core audience of women–as their replacement for Cowell. And the dude’s not exactly family friendly, either.”

The only way that makes sense is if the show and/or Howard Stern decide to make themselves over and transform into something new, but I doubt either will happen. Especially with the unpredictable reception to American Idol without Simon Cowell, I doubt the producers will do anything risky like this.

‘Idol’ producers want Howard Stern to replace Cowell [New York Post]

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