New Sea Shepherd ship sinks after being hit by Japanese whalers

On Wednesday, a Japanese whaling ship hit the Sea Shepherd’s new high-speed ship, the Ady Gil, and it sank the next morning.

The captain of the other new vessel, the Bob Barker, told the Huffington Post about what happened, and said, “We still have six guys that went through a very harrowing experience and there’s some serious issues to deal with, some of them are getting headaches and not sleeping well. What happened was traumatic and the physical injuries [are minor] — we have one person with two cracked ribs. But the potential for loss of life or major injuries was very real. These guys are at a point now where, I was talking to one of them about an hour ago and he said it was literally a near-death experience.”

Japan’s Institute of Cetacean Research said in a press release [PDF] that “the New Zealand-registered watercraft Ady Gil collided with the Japanese Antarctic whale research (JARPA II) vessel Shonan Maru No. 2.”

Judge for yourself which ship did the colliding:

Ady Gil Sinks in Southern Ocean; An Exclusive Interview With Captain Chuck Swift of the Sea Shepherd Vessel Bob Barker [Huffington Post]

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