Heidi Montag “almost died” during plastic surgery but is “beyond obsessed” with it

In her never-ending quest for attention, Heidi Montag is taking a different approach from her husband Spencer Pratt, who acts like a smarmy asshole: She modified her body again, and it almost killed her. Worth it!

I tried to ignore this story, but with the death angle and Janice Dickinson suddenly rushing to the defense of Heidi’s plastic surgeon, it got too weird to ignore. Heidi had 10 procedures in one day, and the before/after photo is remarkable, but what’s shocking is the before/after picture that compares her original face to her current face.

She revealed her new body to People, which included the coverline “Addicted to Plastic Surgery” on her photo. While Heidi told the magazine, “I’m beyond obsessed,” she was on Good Morning America yesterday to insist, “that’s just a judgment. I’m not addicted.”

Yet like an addict, Heidi’s brush with death wasn’t enough to deter her. Heidi told Access Hollywood, “I almost died after my procedure. I had too much Demerol like Michael Jackson did and my breathing was five breaths per minute which is like almost dead. (I was) in an aftercare center, there were nurses that were supposed to be tending to me at all times.” She said a bodyguard called the nurses.

Now, Heidi is focused on the things that matter. “I’m starting to move my face more and more. (But,) I feel very plastic … especially when I first came out, it was so hard for me even to smile and it’s still hard for me to chew sometimes. But it’s feeling more and more natural everyday because the swelling is going down.”

Alas, it’s not looking any more natural.

Heidi had all 10 procedures in one day, and criticism of that led Janice Dickinson to tell Radar, “So what? What’s the big deal? People are ignorant when then talk about this, they don’t understand that things like Botox, ear pinning and fat injections are not really plastic surgery procedures, but Dr. Ryan had to list them in the interest of disclosure.” She added, “Frank is an amazing surgeon. For anyone to accuse him of any wrongdoing just totally shows their ignorance.”

As if Janice should accuse anyone of looking worse with work, she said, “I think the surgery aged her actually. She looked younger without it, and she looked more attractive.”

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