Bachelor 14 debuts as promos tease woman’s “sexual affair,” perhaps with a crew member

The 14th season of The Bachelor debuts tonight on ABC, and stars pilot Jake Pavelka, hence the gag-inducing “On the Wings of Love” subtitle.

In recent years, the original dating reality show has embraced its failure to create meaningful relationships, and thus become more like the shows that have parodied it. This season, the one pseudo-scandal that has emerged so far comes from a promo that shows one woman saying of another, “She’s been having a sexual affair with somebody else in the Bachelor house.”

Despite a newspaper’s claim that has “insider” information that the affair is with a crew member, the site’s own posters say that’s not true, as they’ve just been speculating about the promo. One even wrote, “No one here has claimed any such thing. Someone should let that writer get their facts straight!”

Following the two-hour premiere of The Bachelor, by the way, is Conveyor Belt of Love, the special that features women picking from men–including one who’s done hardcore gay porn–who go by on a conveyor belt.

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