Blogger says Bachelor affair wasn’t sexual, but producers’ way of getting rid of woman

Bachelor obsessed blogger Reality Steve claims in his latest missive that the “sexual affair” that will be revealed on the show Monday wasn’t an affair at all, but instead an excuse to get rid of a problematic contestant, who Steve identifies (as does this post, so stop reading now if you don’t want to know.

Despite his lack of sources and desperately-in-need-of-an-editor style, Steve’s reporting has been accurate in the past, though we may never know if his conspiracy theories–about this scandal and last year’s–are true.

Steve writes that single mother Rozlyn “was promised that she’d be able to talk to her son every day, and they would eventually fly him out. This never happened,” which he says is “the same thing [that] happened to Megan Parris from Jason’s season.”

Steve claims producers told Rozlyn not to tell Jake about her son, but then asked the other women in interviews, “Hey, so what do you think about Rozlyn not telling Jake about her son?” That’d obviously be a dick move, and Steve writes that when Rozlyn learned of that, “it set Rozlyn off. Apparently she had a melt down in the kitchen that won’t be shown, because she’s going off about not being able to see her son, that the show is lied to her, and she wants out. At this point they realize they need to get rid of her somehow.”

Because a producer “basically started to fall for her,” but “while this producer admitted this, he NEVER admits that he and Rozlyn had any type of sexual affair. Never kissed, never had sex, never did anything of the such.” Still, the producers ran with that, and Steve says evidence of that distortion of reality is apparent in comments from Chris Harrison and what the show will say Monday, and “[t]he ONLY time you will hear ‘sex’ or ‘sexual relations’ will be when it’s coming from one of the other girls, because at that point, it’s speculation. … [Harrison has] yet to use the word ‘sexual affair’. He can’t, since it never happened.”

This is all very interesting because it involves factual events that will be shown Monday, but also a lot of faking of reality that, if it took place, we will never see.

Spoilers for the rest of the season & the truth behind the “Rozlyn” scandal [Reality Steve]

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