CBS renews Survivor for two more seasons (21 and 22), Amazing Race for one more season

Survivor has been officially renewed for its 21st and 22nd seasons, while The Amazing Race has been renewed for one more season, its 17th, CBS announced today. This is great but unsurprising news, especially for Survivor, which has casting since November and continues to perform well (ratings actually went up for the finale).

What does the one-season renewal mean for TAR? The show typically gets renewed season by season; Phil Keoghan announced the 15th on Twitter. However, that the press release says the renewed shows will be “broadcast in the 2010-2011 season” could be interpreted to mean that CBS only intends to air one season, perhaps because it has enough confidence that a new reality series–like Undercover Boss, which will launch post-Super Bowl–can fill at least half the year, while the aging and far more expensive and logistically complicated race can drop back to one season a year.

Beyond the renewals, the press release offers no details, but it’s a sure-thing that Survivor will now stick with one location per year, and is at least considering one all-star season per year, all to save money.

No word yet from host Jeff Probst, whose Live for the Moment pilot airs Thursday. His contract expires at the end of season 20, but I’d say he’ll be back, unless he pulls a Jay Leno and leaves, decides he didn’t want to leave, and comes back. And if he doesn’t come back, Conan O’Brien is available, and would make a great host (and I’m mostly not kidding).

CBS’s Emmy Award-Winning Reality Franchises to Return in 2010-2011 [CBS press release]

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