250 Survivors confirmed for 10-year party Saturday, including the original final four

Survivor‘s 20th anniversary party/reunion Saturday night will draw at least 250 past cast members, according to the show’s host. Those attending include season one’s final four–Richard Hatch, Kelly Wiglesworth, Rudy Boesch, and Sue Hawk, and the entire season 20 cast.

Jeff Probst tweeted “you can probably visualize the insanity this party will bring,” and wrote yesterday that the “party for TV critics this Sat. 250 survivors confirmed.” Apparently, CBS’ refusal to pay didn’t impact the number of people willing to come. Or they’re coming as a season 20 person’s plus-one. Or they live in L.A. (More details on the party, which is officially part of CBS’ day during the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour.)

You should follow me on Twitter for updates during the party, should there be update-worthy events–and if I’m not busy looking up people on my phone to remember who the hell they are.

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