Survivor Gabon’s Crystal Cox admits steroid use, will likely lose her Olympic gold medal

Survivor Gabon cast member and Olympic relay team member Crystal Cox will probably lose her gold medal for her part in the 4×400 meter relay during the 2004 Athens summer Olympics after admitting to using anabolic steroids.

She’s being suspended for four years and will have results from 2001 to 2004 stripped. The AP reports that she “admitted to using anabolic steroids and agreed to the penalty Friday, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency said,” and “almost certainly will have her gold medal stripped.”

It may also affect her teammates. USADA CEO Travis Tygart told the AP, “You’ve got to give her credit for accepting responsibility. But hopefully this sends a strong message that if you’re going to succumb to the temptation, you have to remember the terrible position you’re putting your teammates in.”

Although she ultimately placed sixth and talked to me about her athleticism before the game, she might be most notable for her poor performance in challenges, starting with the opening challenge, during which she struggled to run and climb up a steep hill.

Update: From the comments, a great video highlighting Crystal’s athleticism on the show:

Relay team member suspended 4 years [AP]

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