Reality TV, porn worlds increasingly overlap, like with reality star porn site Reality Revealed

A few days ago, I received an e.mail message that had a fake subject line (“Chelsia and Steven (BB)”) and started with a fake partial sentence (“It is quite obvious that they are…”) before making a request (“Stop posting porn stories on your site in an attempt to get more hits”) and issuing a warning (“Jesus will smite you for promoting smut”).

As a reality TV watcher, I know Jesus has better things to do, like help people win reality shows, so I am not worried, and thus present a link to something even more egregious than porn: my own reporting and writing about reality TV and porn.

My story for The Daily Beast about the increasing intersection between reality television and pornography was published today. Once upon a time, reality stars had to pretend to be horrified even while selling their own porn, but as we’ve seen recently–from Amazing Race Jaime’s appearance in Playboy to Steven Daigle’s XXX movie, reality stars can more freely move in a direction that requires less clothing.

That became most evident with the December launch of Reality Revealed, a site dedicated to showing reality stars naked. Right now, it features one cast member from A Shot at Love and several men from Tool Academy–and a cease-and-desist letter that the show’s production company, 495 Productions, sent to the site. More on that in my story, along with a look at everything from why contracts restrict cast members’ post-show behavior to the shift that’s taking place regarding the overlap between the two genres. Go read it.

Reality TV and Porn Collide [The Daily Beast]

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