MTV’s time at Jersey Shore ends, but what about season two?

Surprising phenomenon Jersey Shore ended its first season last night, as Ronnie got out of jail and The Situation rejected Snooki’s hot tub advances, and that was all followed with a reunion, on which Sammi and Ronnie may have broken up. The National Post has a good recap of everything that happened during the actual episode (which, comparatively speaking, was pretty much nothing) while Us Weekly runs down the reunion drama.

A second season still hasn’t been confirmed, but it’s impossible to think MTV won’t renew the unscripted show that made it culturally relevant once again. (The L.A. Times’ Jon Caramanica argues it’s “MTV’s greatest cultural phenomenon since ‘Jackass,’ which I’m not quite sure is true, but he provides a good rundown of why it’s been successful.)

The big question is whether or not Jersey Shore‘s second season will follow The Real World and have a new cast, or whether Snooki and the gang will return, like The Hills. One thing that may affect that is whether they get spin-offs, like Snooki’s dating show.

Executive producer Sally Ann Salsano told RealScreen, “I don’t think we’ve seen the last of our cast, but there’s a wealth of those kids out there.”

A wealth of Snookis and Situations JWowws? Oh no.

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