More insane and homophobic anti-Adam Lambert FCC complaints published

The Smoking Gun has published 28 pages of complaints to the FCC about Adam Lambert’s AMA performance. Like the ones published by a blog yesterday, they are crazy, homophobic, and full of bad spelling and illogical arguments.

One person thinks Adam is a lesbian and others are just violently homophobic, and criticism even comes from someone who says he’s gay.

While some writers make little sense (we apparently have a right to be entertained if we pay taxes!). There are a few that are mild and even funny; this one is amusing until it gets to the death threats. Others aren’t entirely insane, though it’s curious that these people felt the need to bother a government agency with their bothers.

I particularly love the parents who think watching people behave sexually at 11 p.m. in the evening–or even a man kiss a man!–is going to damage their children; what impact will having a bigoted or stupid parent have?

Lewd Lambert Lambasted [The Smoking Gun]

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