FCC complaints about Adam Lambert scarier, more dangerous than his AMA performance

A new, anonymously written blog has posted a series of complaints it says were “filed with the FCC after Adam Lambert’s performance on the American Music Awards” and “obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.”

As one might expect, the complaints are frightening, especially when you consider that their writers are allowed to operate motor vehicles, vote, and have children without any kind of oversight whatsoever. This is nothing new, though; the FCC received frightening complaints about Ruben Studdard’s victory over Clay Aiken back in 2003.

Anyway, one letter says, in part (errors are all original),

“Please note that we watched ABC American Music Awards and I could not beleive what I had to watch with my 11, 13, and 16 year old. We had to send my son to bed who actually opted to goto bed because he was disturbed, my 16 year old who was disgusted, and my 13 year old who really does not like Adam Lambert. …This was not tasteful watching another man go down on him, macking out with a person who was either a man or a woman, touching the croutch. … Please make this stop and go back to better family standards. Cause this had NONE.”

Yeah, standards are clearly important to you, moron.

Why Not Glambert? [via MJ’s Big Blog]

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