Hills, The City renewed; Kristin and Justin Bobby “not necessarily” dating, he says

The Hills concluded its fifth–and final?–season Tuesday night with new pro/antagonist Kristin Cavallari and Justin Bobby deciding to date. Of course, they’re not actually in a relationship.

Despite appearing as a couple during the awkward after show, Justin Bobby told the L.A. Times that they are “Not necessarily. When we met, it was just kind of nice, and personally for me to be on the show and conversate with somebody I haven’t yet on the show. We work and do our scenes and see each other and that’s that.”

He also says he never was in a relationship with Audrina Patridge. “Realistically, no. I’ve only had two loves of my life and then there’s been a whole dating montage,” he said.

Kristin, doing her best to make her fake life seem real (“I don’t know what scene you’re talking about”) told the paper, “Just because we kissed doesn’t mean we were intimate.” However, she was demure about the rest, only referring to her life in terms of the show. “In the episode we decided we’re gonna give it a try, and we’re hanging out and talking. You’re going to have to wait and see what happens on the next season,” she said.

Yes, next season, dammit. Despite the fact that ratings were way down without Lauren, the fake reality show just won’t die, and was renewed, along with its sibling series, The City.

‘The Hills’: Kristin and Justin Bobby set the record straight on their ‘romantic’ relationship [Los Angeles Times]

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