Amazing Racers Jeff and Jordan photographed in Mexico

Former Big Brother houseguests and current Amazing Race 16 contestants were photographed in Mexico, and the photo may reveal just how successful they were in their second CBS reality competition series.

The photo, published by a Jokers’ contributor, shows Jeff and Jordan in t-shirts and jeans in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. The caption says “they were watching a parade,” and another post says the photo “was taken around a week or so ago” and “they were being filmed.”

While it’s possible they’re at a pit stop, or participating in some kind of challenge, it seems highly unlikely. They are not in what one would think of as race attire, nor do they have bags or fanny packs. They also look calm. In other words, they’re likely out of the race, in the sequester location, which just happened to be in Mexico, too (Acapulco). No camera crew is visible, but if they were being filmed, as one post says, it’s likely for the sequester series.

If they are in sequester, just how far they made it in the race isn’t clear. The show started taping Nov. 28, about 19 days ago, and if the photo was taken a week before that, they may have stayed in for around 12 days. Season 14’s production spanned 21 days, so it means the race will probably be ending in the next few days somewhere in the US.

At the very least, Jeff and Jordan fans now have something to look at as they declare their love for the couple.

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