Ethan Zohn’s cancer “vaporized” by radiation

Great news about Ethan Zohn’s battle with cancer: it has been “vaporized,” he tweeted, by five weeks of radiation treatment.

While he had “a clear PET Scan” and “there are now no active cancer cells in his body,” People reports, “Because his cancer has proven itself to be resurgent in the past — after three months of intense chemotherapy over the summer, cancerous growths were found in his body in the fall — his doctors still plan to move forward with a stem-cell transplant.”

That will begin within the next two weeks and involve him being hospitalized for a month. Ethan told the magazine, “With my history, its essential.” He also said the clear scan “is the best possible news I could have gotten at this stage of my journey. I honestly believe that all the positive healing vibes everyone has been sending me these past nine months have helped, so thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart.”

Survivor’s Ethan Zohn Gets Good News in His Cancer Battle [People]

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