CBS’ pap smear gift PSA has versions for Christmas, Hanukkah, which says “schmear”

Perhaps the most awesomely unexpectedly entertaining part of The Amazing Race 15‘s finale last night was a PSA that aired during one of the commercial breaks. It’s so random and amusing, if not a little jarring, that I thought it was a parody at first:

Yes, CBS wants you to give a pap smear as a present. The best part is that there’s also a generic holiday version (though with a Santa reference), and one targeted toward Jewish viewers that is the most fun of all, as it has both double-entendre and a reference to a “schmear”:

CBS senior VP Matthew Margo, who created the PSAs, wrote on the web site for CBS Cares, where you can watch all of the different versions, about where the idea came from: dinner (“I was waiting for my appetizer when I overheard two women diners talking about pap smears”).

Margo told the New York Daily News that “The menorah can mean different things to different people. It’s just a menorah, not a flamethrower. We exercised a lot of restraint.” He also said “If your main objective is to offend no one, than you’re on a fast track to being irrelevant. In the case of Pap smears, we knew in order to communicate more effectively, there was a possibility that some viewers — and it’s a real minority — might be offended.”

I can’t imagine who’d be offended by it, but they’re probably the same people who lead CBS to blur out crotches on reality shows. Medical advice and associated jokes about crotches: okay. Actual visible crotches: not okay.

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