Duncan Roy: Dr. Drew “knows very little” about sex addiction, Kari Ann failed drug tests

Duncan Roy, a cast member on Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew, which ends its first season on Sunday night, says Dr. Drew didn’t know anything about sex addiction, and instead would repeat what a real sex therapist said. In an essay about his experiences, Roy also claims that one cast member, Kari Ann Peniche, failed a drug test but was allowed to stay.

On The Daily Beast, Roy writes that he initially “decided that a public rehabilitation was not for me” but changed his mind eventually; while he was deciding, he met and talked to renowned sex therapist Dr. John Sealy, who “confided in me that the producers of Sex Rehab had very different intentions from his. He genuinely wanted to shine a light into the shaming world of sex addiction, while Irwin Entertainment seemed hellbent on drama and titillation.” But Sealy isn’t a major figure because “Sealy’s involvement on the show was minimal because he was awkward in front of the cameras.”

Roy says the he “found out that all of the women on the show” were “represented by a man named David Weintraub” who Roy calls “a reptilian creature feeding off of the demi-fame of people like Sean Stewart, Rod’s wayward son, who had been on a season of Celebrity Rehab.” Roy says that Kari Ann, specifically, “was constantly vile to staff and residents, demanding to all, and verging on racist” and worse, “failed every one of the mandatory drug tests and yet was not thrown out of the Pasadena Recovery Center.” Roy writes that he thinks “she was doing this largely at [Weintraub’s] behest so that she could appear on the next Celebrity Rehab and advance the company brand.” She has been cast on that next season

As to Dr. Drew, Roy writes, “It was immediately apparent that while Drew may be an astounding drug and alcohol specialist, he knows very little, or anything, about the precise science of sex addiction. … He would recycle Jill’s lines when he began to founder–and in the edited broadcasts, we see her thoughts and insights come out of Drew’s mouth. It comes as no surprise that Drew writes about narcissism because he genuinely wrestles with his own.”

I Am a Sex Addict and I Play One on TV [Daily Beast]

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