Conveyor Belt of Love man did hardcore gay porn

The show hasn’t even aired yet and already one of the conveyor belt-riding cast members on ABC’s forthcoming special Conveyor Belt of Love has been outed as a hardcore gay porn star.

Because the show hasn’t aired yet, his real name and/or the name he’s using on the show is unknown, but Kekoa Nalu appeared naked in Men magazine (and was on its cover). Before that, he “filmed four hardcore scenes with Randy Blue under the name ‘Jarrett Rex,’ and one of them was with, coincidentally, Men magazine’s current Man of the Year, Reese Rideout,” Unzipped reports. While the site’s report has PG-13 photos, it also has archived at Randy Blue and includes previews. On the ABC show, he’ll be one of 30 men who ride by on a conveyor belt as three women decide whether or not they want to date him, so not really that much of a change from masturbating with and fondling five other men on film.

Surprise! ABC’s Conveyor Belt Of Love contestant is a gay porn star [Unzipped]

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