Top Chef skips another week but reunites former contestants for an “all stars dinner”

For the second time this season, Bravo is depriving us of a new episode of Top Chef, but instead of a repeat, is airing a one-off special called “All Stars Dinner.”

Yes, it’s a reunion, with Fabio Viviani hosting “an all-star get-together complete with a challenge,” Bravo says. The chefs will also “rehash their favorite moments on the series,” which means filler by way of clips. Bravo also promises confrontations between Marcel and Fabio, and Carla and Casey.

Besides Fabio, the chefs attending are Richard Blais, Harold Dieterle, Carla Hall, Hung Huynh, Dale Levitski, Stefan Richter, Casey Thompson, and Marcel Vigneron. That insufferable prick Ilan Hall will also be there, and I was recently reminded of how much I loathe him when I re-read his pre-finale comments about Marcel in which he bragged about taunts that didn’t make it on the air. At the time, I assumed he was bitter about losing to Marcel, but no, he won and still had to continue being an arrogant bully. Marcel is an annoying ass, but I’ll be fast-forwarding any time Ilan’s ugliness comes on my TV.

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