Heidi threatens to get secretly pregnant by Spencer; their book How to Be Famous called “insipid”

Watching the clip below, I think I understand why people get addicted to The Hills: It may be mostly fake, but since there is some truth in it, moments like this one prompt reactions because it just might be true.

In this preview for next week’s episode, watch as Heidi, mad that Spencer is going to get a vasectomy (the smartest thing he’ll ever do), threatens to get pregnant before he can prevent her from having his baby:

Of course, this is probably all just part of their endless quest to be even more famous, which is chronicled in their new book, How to Be Famous: Our Guide to Looking the Part, Playing the Press and Becoming a Tabloid Fixture. It will be released next week, but based on its current Amazon.com sales rank, it’s not going to be a bestseller. Thankfully.

msnbc.com’s Courtney Hazlett has read the book, and summarizes it that saves us from having to read it and/or buy it. She calls it “pretty representative of America at its worst” that has “insipid chapters, like the one titled ‘Pretty on the Outside,’ which reminds the audience that fitness is important because [as Heidi and Spencer write,] ‘celebrities are there to look hot for the common people. It’s our job.'”

There are also chapters called “The Paps Are Your Friends” and “Women’s Weapons of Mass Destruction,” and “weapons” refers to tears. Heidi “writes” this nonsense: “A crying woman trumps all things.”

With that kind of crap filling the book, Hazlett says that “nothing in this book does any good. That’s not to say that there’s no value in entertainment for entertainment’s sake, that plenty of people (present company included) make their living in a way that’s at least tangential to the business of fame. However, this fame game has gone too far.”

Heidi and Spencer’s book is an embarrassment [MSNBC]

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