Celebrity Apprentice 3 Kodak challenge reveals which team is already doing poorly

With The Celebrity Apprentice 3 now taping in New York, and involving real people in some of its challenges, it’s inevitable that details about those challenges would get out. But there have been surprisingly few detailed accounts of such interactions, now and in past seasons.

However, Ninedaves has photos and a detailed recap of his experience with a recent challenge sponsored by Kodak. His story contains potential spoilers: One celebrity’s name was left off of advertising for the event, which probably means s/he went home the first episode, and that also reveals which team lost. In addition, one team’s presentation is clearly weaker than the others, which means that, unless Trump has his undies in a bunch about something else, means it’s obvious which team will be in the boardroom.

As to the challenge itself, Dave reports that “we could have our picture taken with any camera we wanted” but “we could only use kodak while on camera,” because, of course, they’re the challenge’s sponsor. He also says that Bret Michaels “was so nice” while Sharon Osbourne “could not have cared less about anyone in that room.”

ninedaves stops by the celebrity apprentice 3 [ninedaves]

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