Jordan and Jeff from Big Brother 11 are on Amazing Race 16, which is now taping

The Amazing Race 16 is now in production, and Big Brother 11 winner Jordan Lloyd and her quasi-showmance Jeff Schroeder are among the contestants.

They were photographed at LAX Saturday afternoon, and because one team used someone’s laptop to research locations in Santiago, Chile. That’s their presumable first destination, as every season since 12 has started in L.A. Season 15 filmed in just 21 days, so if the production holds to a similarly fast schedule–which saves money–they’ll be done the weekend before Christmas.

Here’s a series of Twitter postings about the sightings. From Shlok Vaidya’s posts, we’ve learned that, besides Jordan and Jeff, the teams include two male cowboys, who are shorter and in their 20s; a team of “big guys,” named Mike and Louie; an older woman and a 20-something brunette woman that may be a grandmother and grandaughter; a tall man and a shorter blonde woman; and a middle-aged couple. There are also reports of a teams two black women, a married black couple, two frat guys who may be twins, two Asian people, a father/daughter team, and a team with two women who may be lesbians (or who are being stereotyped as such).

Jordan and Jeff follow former reality show contestants including Rob and Amber to run the race, and their casting has led to a wide range of responses. The fact that they’re polarizing, never mind amusingly inarticulate and frequently stupid, probably led to their casting. I’d bet casting and CBS is convinced we want to know how their relationship has progressed, if at all, and much their intelligence–okay, stupidity–affects their performance on the race.

While I have grown bitter and jaded about reality stars being recycled on other reality shows and taking spots away from potentially more interesting people as they inevitably prove to be less interesting than they were the first time, I have a feeling that seeing what their relationship is like three months later, and how it survives under the stress of the race, will be interesting, although their stupidity will be even more entertaining.

A year ago, Survivor and Amazing Race casting director Lynne Spillman told me that she only wants to cast former reality show cast members who are couples. “We want relationships that you relate to, that you understand, that you care about,” she said.

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