Survivor starts casting for seasons 21 and 22, which would tape next summer

Survivor is now casting for seasons 21 and 22, although it has not yet been officially renewed by CBS, nor has Jeff Probst announced whether or not he’s returning as host, since his contract expires at the end of season 20. However, it’s typical for the show to start casting before being officially renewed, and if the show is renewed, pre-production would likely begin in January.

The application [PDF] is for both seasons 21 and 22, and says “[f]ilming is presently scheduled to occur for cycles 21 and 22 in summer to fall of 2010,” and I’d bet the show will again film two seasons back-to-back in the same geographic location. That may be rougher on the crew, but it saves money.

Applications are due Jan. 6, although it’s far less likely you’ll be cast this way than in if you’re in the L.A. area and walking around the street looking hot. For Survivor Samoa, just four of the 20 contestants actually applied, and that includes Mike Borassi, who applied last season and was asked back this season after being pulled pre-game. Of the other 15, four applied for other shows (like Amazing Race) and were cast instead for Survivor, which means 12 were recruited off the street.

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