Ethan Zohn undergoing radiation, stem cell transplant, is still “focused” and “positive”

Survivor Africa winner Ethan Zohn is now is now halfway through 25 days of radiation for his stage two Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and that will be followed by and then have a stem cell transplant–which requires a month-long hospitalization. His first two rounds of chemo were unsuccessful and his cancer actually spread.

In addition to periodic video diaries on–the latest was filmed behind-the-scenes at a People photo shoot, while an earlier videos showed him getting stem cells harvested and cutting off his hair–Ethan appeared Friday on The Early Show.

As if there was any doubt as to what kind of amazing guy Ethan was long before this battle, he remains incredibly upbeat despite all he’s facing. “I’m excited for my cancer to face radiation,” he said during the interview, which is below.

“How are you this smiley, strong, resilient guy?” Maggie Rodriguez asked, and that’s a great question (unlike her dumbass, sexist question about marrying Jenna). Ethan said, “You gotta keep a positive attitude. For me, it’s important to stay focused and stay positive to beat this. You can get through cancer with a smile on your face.”

Jenna, by the way, said she likes Ethan’s shaved head “prison bad-boy look.”

Ethon Zohn’s Real ‘Survivor’ Story [CBS News]

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