reality blurred now has iPhone and mobile phone versions

I recently learned that some people with newfangled mobile phones actually use them to access the Internets, and perhaps even sites like this one. So, if you have such a phone, which may look like this, you can now read a specialized version of reality blurred made just for your device.

Just use this URL: It will show a customized version for whatever kind of phone you have, including the iPhone. If you have an iPhone, press the + to add a link to your home screen, and reality blurred will appear there, just like an app.

For now, at least, your mobile phone won’t default to the mobile-formatted version (let me know if you think this would be valuable rather than annoying), but if you’re in the mobile version, you can always switch back to the regular web version via a link (“see full HTML version”) at the bottom of every page. Right now, commenting is only on the full version, so follow that link, or the comment link, if you want to comment from your phone.

Check it out and let me know what you think. If you’re insanely lazy, just enter your phone number here, and MoFuse–which powers the new mobile version–will text you a link to the new mobile version. Enjoy!

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