TLC airing NBC News-produced interview with Kate, and NBC News had “final approval”

Having completely run out of ideas and/or footage to bleed every last penny out of Jon & Kate Plus Eight and its little walking billboards, TLC is desperate: future episodes before the Nov. 23 (probable) series conclusion include top viewer moments and never-before-seen footage.

Tonight, it hands over an hour tonight to NBC News, which has nothing better to do than to produce a one-hour special titled Kate: Her Story. (If this is her story, what have the previous 112 episodes been?) Natalie Morales interviews Kate in the special, and a preview only tells us that Kate will cry and that NBC seems to have borrowed Barbara Walters’ gauzy filters.

How does a news organization producing an hour of television for an entertainment network impact its credibility? An NBC News spokesperson told The Baltimore Sun that “NBC news has final approval. All shows produced by Peacock Productions are reviewed by NBC News management.”

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