Heather: Hell’s Kitchen sponsors “not going to completely trust someone they saw on TV”

It’s no surprise that Hell’s Kitchen doesn’t have a great track record of awarding its prizes to its winners, but its winners have rarely discussed that. In an interview with the New York Post, season two winner Heather West–who worked as a sous chef during season six but was pretty much invisible the entire season–mentions not getting her own restaurant like the show said she’d receive.

“Honestly, they’re really not going to completely trust someone they saw on TV with a multi-million dollar restaurant,” Heather said.

However, she added that her experience there was positive. “I did work at all the restaurants in the resort, learned a huge amount, and a lot about promotion and marketing,” she said. Heather is now the head chef at Monterey Restaurant in Long Island.

‘Hell’ and Back [New York Post]

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