Celebrity Rehab offered $200,000 to Artie Lange; Dr. Drew saves football player’s life

Getting help from Dr. Drew on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab offers a significant benefit to its stars beyond sobriety: lots of cash, which may explain why some of them are willing to do the show.

Comedian Artie Lange said earlier this week that he was offered $200,000 to be on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab, but he turned it down. “They offered me 200 grand to do ‘Celebrity Rehab.’ I love Dr. Drew … but I don’t think that’s helping Jeff Conaway … They said it was about me getting better, but if I relapsed, they’re not going to air that? … My mother knows I’ve done coke, but she’s never seen me do it,” he told the New York Post.

Meanwhile, Dr. Drew, whose kinda bland spin-off Sex Rehab debuted last Sunday on VH1, also made headlines this week for saving a high school football player’s life. On Friday, he “was attending a football game [at Pasadena’s Polytechnic School, which his son attends] against Chadwick School when one of the ‘Poly’ players suffered a head injury … [and later] complained of a headache, collapsed, fell into a coma and stopped breathing. [Dr. Drew] administered CPR until paradmedics arrived,” KTLA reports.

The school issued a statement that said “We are especially grateful for the heroic efforts of Dr. Pinsky and prompt care and attention of Dr. Lewis, a faculty member and emergency room doctor at Harbor Medical. Together with the emergency medical personnel, they made all the difference in Jackson [Allan]’s progress.”

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