Adam Lambert to Out: “refrain from projecting your publications’ agenda onto my career”

Adam Lambert responded to Out magazine’s editor’s claims that Adam’s management and publicists didn’t want him to appear “too gay” in the magazine’s coverage of him by addressing Out editor Aaron Hicklin on Twitter, writing, “Chill! Guess ya gotta get attention for the magazine. U too are at the mercy of the marketing machine.” He followed that by writing, “Until we have a meaningful conversation, perhaps you should refrain from projecting your publications’ agenda onto my career.”

Hicklin has clearly been hearing from Adam’s fans, writing on Twitter, “It’s tough when 10 billion Glambert fans hate you.”

In a more detailed response, After Elton editor Michael Jensen writes that he’s “disappointed in how much of the gay media is covering all of this. Adam’s first album comes out shortly and to be attacking one of the most famous gay musicians in the world right now over how gay he is in the press, doesn’t seem like it’s going to do much for the gay community in any respect.”

If anything, all of this leaves me with more respect for Adam: Despite whatever his publicists and management may or may not have wanted, his interview with Out was thoroughly honest and insightful, and he’s not shy about addressing things directly, whether it’s his sexuality, his fans, or the media.

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