ABC drops Kathy Griffin-hosted Let’s Dance because it couldn’t find a good celebrity cast

The inevitable may have finally happened: We may have run out of quasi-celebrities willing to embarrass themselves on TV for a chance at revitalizing their careers.

Last Thursday, ABC officially announced the Kathy Griffin-hosted Let’s Dance, a five-episode series that “that features stars competing for charity as they pay homage to some of the most famous movie, musical and pop video dance routines of all time,” and was going to debut Nov. 23 and air Mondays until Dec. 14, concluding on Dec. 15.

But then ABC pulled the series and replaced it with another reality show, Find My Family. The reason for the cancellation: “Producers couldn’t find a cast acceptable to ABC, industry insiders” told Joe Adalian, who reports that “[l]uring talent during the holidays turned out to be more of a hurdle than anyone expected.”

This is the network that regularly stretches the definition of “star” with its Dancing with the Stars, which features cast members who inspire viewers to say “who?” instead of “wow.” Is it just because of the holidays, or have we run into an inevitable shortage of B-, C-, and D-list talent?

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