NeNe “really upset” with producers, says season two was “more planned and scripted”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta concludes its second season tonight, and cast member NeNe Leakes isn’t happy about her portrayal, and has criticized the show’s producers for making the second season more artificial.

In an interview with Essence, NeNe says, “I had a meeting with production because I was really upset with the final episode because I believe I was portrayed as this evil person.” Specifically, the episode “really makes me look like I’m the villain, as if I choked Kim. There’s a scene where I’m mad at Kim and they make it seem like I’m mad about her not wanting me on the song ‘Tardy for the Party,’ when in fact she and I discussed that already and afterwards attended Sheree’s independence party and had a good old time.”

NeNe blames this on the show’s new producer, though she doesn’t name that person: “It happened this season because we have a different show runner and this season has been a lot more planned and scripted. Last season they just let us go which made for a great show, but this time around, the show runner will say something like, you need to go over there and talk to Kim about ‘Tardy for the Party.’ They’ve also been making a lot of changes to the sequence of events,” she said. In the interview, she gives a lot of specifics, talking about how producers edited around their discussion of a conflict related to the Bravo A-List Awards.

She also suggests she may be done with the series, and says she’s been offered but turned down her own series. “I have no desire to be a reality star, but I would love to have my own talk show. I’ve been offered my own reality show, but again, I have no interest in being a serial reality star.”

Exclusive: NeNe Leakes Says ‘Housewives’ Producers Wrongly Portray Her [Essence]

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