Judge allows Blagojevich to stay on Celebrity Apprentice 3

After being forced to stay away from the life-changing experience known as I’m a Celebrity 2, Rod Blagojevich won’t have his reality TV dreams dashed by a judge this time, and will stay on The Celebrity Apprentice 3 as a contestant.

While The Chicago Tribune reports that “prosecutors have concerns about the prospective jury pool seeing or hearing the show close to trial,” since it airs in March and will end close to his June trial date, “[p]rosecutors did not seek to block Blagojevich’s appearance, but asked U.S. District Judge James Zagel to address it today in court.” The judge “said he is only concerned the show could lead to difficulty trial-administration issues down the line — such as when Blagojevich makes a statement on the show — whether he opens himself up to something the government could introduce in court.”

Judge won’t block Blago from ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ [Chicago Tribune]

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