Lance was almost cast on Survivor, says “I enjoyed watching me”

Lance Layne may have been this Amazing Race‘s resident dick, but unlike previous villains, he’s at least not making excuses for his behavior.

“You know what? Anyone that goes on one of these shows and complains about the editing should not be on a reality show. Anyone that understands these shows knows that things are edited a certain way — the way they want to tell the story. And certainly, I gave them what they could use and they used the pieces they wanted to use and they didn’t use other pieces,” Lance told Reality TV World. (Private to Reality TV World: please stop using the word “dish” as a verb in your headlines–it’s embarrassing.)

He actually is kind of proud of the way he was portrayed, even as he insists that’s now who he is all the time: “I’m not like that 24/7. But you know what? I don’t think the show did me a disservice in any way. I enjoyed watching me,” he said. “I didn’t come on this show to be the hero or the villain. I don’t think we came on this show with a great, touching story — I mean we weren’t the father and son, we weren’t the gay brothers, we weren’t the interracial couple, we weren’t the [all] girl team. For me to go out there and say I want to win the race, I think it upset a lot of people. But I’m competitive, and that was the way we came in.”

Interestingly, Lance was almost cast on Survivor. “I had applied for years to Survivor. Just like other people who try, you send in your application, you never get called. I started getting calls for Survivor through the last few years, and started having talks about this latest edition. They had seen some pictures of Keri, and they loved them. This was the first time I had a partner who I even could consider doing the race with because The Amazing Race was always my other favorite show. They loved Keri and the timing was right.”

Lance Layne and Keri Morrione dish on ‘The Amazing Race’ [Reality TV World]

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