Fox Reality Channel shutting down next spring

The Fox Reality Channel will cease operations next spring, on March 31, just shy of its five year anniversary.

The network “in its present form will go away” although “FRC may still exist after March 31– though in just what form, and for how long, is unclear,” Joe Adalian reports. While he says that “A complete rebranding of the network — including a new name and a different focus — is understood to be in the works,” perhaps in collaboration with another company, Fox “could continue to program FRC with series and specials already in its library even after March 31. It’s also possible the new brand could debut before that date.”

A Fox Cable Networks spokesperson told him, “With the changing cable landscape, we’ve made a strategic decision to shift some resources and refocus on emerging channels. However, Fox Reality Channel will remain on on our lineup for at least the next several months”

The network has several original series coming up, including a fourth season of Solitary and a celebrity dating competition, Seducing Cindy. The channel launched in May of 2005, and has mostly trafficked in the trashier, fun reality TV. It has aired original series, most recently Househusbands of Hollywood, and chat shows like American Idol Extra, but also repeated and syndicated reality shows. Fox Reality also has the single most annoying network branding in the history of television: a shrieking, disembodied mouth.

A New Reality Shaping Up at Fox Cable [The Wrap]

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