Tom DeLay watches Survivor, Big Brother; befriended Hollywood liberals while on DWTS

Tom DeLay has been almost more entertaining in his exit interviews than he was on Dancing with the Stars, which he quit due to injury on Tuesday night.

For example, he told People that he “drove out [to L.A. from Texas] in my RV,” and also said that interacting with crazy leftist pinko liberal Hollywood types was great. “The thing that surprised me the most were the people on the show … I didn’t know what to expect coming to this show and Los Angeles and being amongst the more creative people. I found that even as liberal as some are, they were very open and very warm. The professional dancers were just amazing. The kind of people they are, their work ethic, how smart they are, how talented they are — I was blown away. I made some very good friends,” he said.

Meanwhile, he told Newsweek that he has “no idea” if Barack Obama was born in the U.S. or not, and also said that he watches both Survivor and Big Brother, although he didn’t know the name of the latter show. “I’ve watched Survivor. What’s the show they have in the house? … Those are entertaining.” Support from viewers, DeLay said, “was very gratifying. I got e-mails from liberals. I got one that was really neat: ‘I’ve hated you all my life, but I love what you did on the show.'”

Finally, he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show with Cheryl Burke (and Debi Mazar and Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who wheeled him out in a wheelbarrow), and said things to Kimmel like, “Can you shake your booty like I can?”

Kimmel was, as he always is, direct, and asked Cheryl Burke if she was “being punished by the producers of the show.” Cheryl said, “That’s what I thought in the beginning.” Later in the segment, Kimmel made a joke about Tom DeLay getting ass-raped in prison for being so feminine on the show. “If, god forbid you wind up in jail, it’s not going to be a good thing for inmates to see on reruns,” Kimmel told DeLay. That wasn’t really funny, but it was amusing when the former House majority leader said, “How about cute little Louie Vito? He’s adorable.” Kimmel replied, “that’s not going to help in prison, either.”

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