Duggars announce that they’re having a 19th kid, because 18 were just not enough

A year ago, appeared on The Today Show this morning to talk about it, and the show’s story says “Michelle has now been pregnant 147 months of her life, with five more to go. That’s 12-plus years and counting.” She’s 42, so she’s been pregnant for nearly 30 percent of her life.

Newsweek reported earlier that they “describe themselves as conservative Christians” but “follow a belief system that … is a pro-life-purist lifestyle known as Quiverfull, where women forgo all birth-control options, viewing contraception as a form of abortion and considering even natural family planning an attempt to control a realm–fertility–that should be entrusted to divine providence.”

As to future kid #19, People is practically orgasmic over the news TLC is celebrating this, and while I’m baffled enough by the constant squealing about celebrity pregnancies, this just seems like pure insanity. I can’t imagine there’s any rational response except to start a condom-mailing campaign to encourage TLC to greenlight a show to counterbalance this madness. Call it Two People Who Don’t Need to Keep Having Babies to Bring Meaning Into Their Lives.

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