Adam Shankman added as SYTYCD’s third permanent judge

Despite having left American Idol over a year ago, Nigel Lythgoe couldn’t keep his stupid mouth shut about the show any time the media asked, and his most common refrain was about not liking fourth judges. Now, his Fox series, So You Think You Can Dance, has added a third judge, meaning it will have four judges when they have guest judges, which they usually do.

That third judge is Adam Shankman, a choreographer on the show who’s been added as the show’s permanent third judge.

As to his hypocrisy, at least he’s consistent: Once again, Nigel Lythgoe says that he doesn’t like four judges, but said it’s okay when the fourth judge isn’t permanent, because, you know, that’s so different. “Where you’re just having guest judges pop in, I’m quite happy with that,” he told Zap2it. Of Adam, he said, “We’ve always found that we work very well together.”

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