Michael Kors, Nina Garcia absent from Project Runway because they “have other jobs”

Although Project Runway 6 has been pretty great so far, there’s been one thing missing–well, two: Nina Garcia and Michael Kors. They’ve been absent the past few weeks, and although some of the substitute judges have been good, it’s just not the same with them anchoring the panel. Here’s why they’re not around, Nina told the Los Angeles Times:

“The reality is that both Michael and myself have other jobs besides ‘Project Runway’ and he probably had to work on his following collection and I had to go to the collection. When it was in L.A. and in that time period that we filmed, it was very difficult to be there the entire time. He has another job, he’s a designer and work on his collection, and I had to fly to Paris to see the fashion shows for the fall. It was impossible to be there for an entire month.”

‘Project Runway': Nina Garcia doesn’t want to hear your excuses [Los Angeles Times]

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