America’s Got Talent, Big Brother end as Biggest Loser, Survivor return

Here’s what happened last week, and what to watch next week:

The Past

The Forward

  • Saturday, Sept. 12
    The Locator [WEtv, 9 p.m.] returns for a third season, and it’s followed by the premiere of Adoption Diaries [WEtv, 10 p.m.], so get your tissues ready. Meanwhile, Diddy’s latest show Making His Band moves to the new timeslot where MTV has dumped it: Saturdays at 9.
  • Sunday, Sept. 13
    Skip Big Brother [CBS, 8 p.m.], which is a clip show, and the finale of the dreadful There Goes the Neighborhood [CBS, 9 p.m.], but watch something even scarier than BB11’s Natalie: a documetnary with a self-explanatory title, The Girl Who Cries Blood [National Geographic Channel, 9 p.m.]. And stay up for the finale of Design Star [HGTV, 10 p.m.]. Vern Yip: Dan better not win. His rooms are cluttered and ugly.
  • Monday, Sept. 14
    America’s Got Talent 4 [NBC, 8 p.m.] moves its final performance episode to Monday night to get out of Bob and Jillian’s way on Tuesday, although it will still conclude Wednesday. At 10, there will be two trainwrecks: the new Jay Leno Show on NBC, and The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo. Undoubtedly, Rachel and company will be a lot funnier.
  • Tuesday, Sept. 15
    The Biggest Loser 8 debuts [NBC, 8 p.m.], ironically at the same time as Fox’s More to Love concludes. Later, Big Brother 11 [CBS, 9 p.m.] ends, finally, but with at two-hour finale. Crazytime! Natalie will bleet some more lies and Kevin will probably win $500,000, a so-so ending to a season that’s been both great and terrible. On cable, Chopped [Food Network, 10 p.m.] airs its second champions round episode, bringing back past winners to compete again.
  • Wednesday, Sept. 16
    America’s Got Talent 4 ends [NBC, 8 p.m.] with a two-hour finale, and Wipeout [ABC, 8 p.m.] ends its summer run, at just about the time when watching people’s faces bounce off of big red balls was getting a bit old. But it’ll feel new all over again next summer, I’m sure.
  • Thursday, Sept. 17
    Survivor Samoa debuts [CBS, 8 p.m.], and as the previews have suggested, features a big villain, Russell H. Learn more about the cast with my one-on-one interviews before or after the premiere.

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