Jon Gosselin to Kate: “the stuff you tell me in private should be the stuff you tell me on TV”

Jon Gosselin said that Kate’s separation of their private and public lives makes him “despise” his former wife. “I despise [her] because she’s not speaking from the heart. Please — the stuff you tell me in private should be the stuff you tell me on TV,” he told ABC News in an interview that aired on Good Morning American and 20/20. In it, he says that he and Kate “film [the show] separately. She has her film crew. And I have my film crew. But I can’t sit on the sofa with that woman. I can’t sit on someone right now that I despise.”

So, this is the same guy who complained tabloids were exploiting his kids for financial gain (which of course is caused by the public life he’s chosen to live, and is also a version of what he’s doing with his kids), which although that’s a different issue, it also suggests there is a clear line between public and private. And now he’s saying their shouldn’t be?

Also, he’s not concerned what people write or think about him. “It’s just like the change from America’s favorite dad to dirt-bag. Tomorrow I could be maybe … America’s favorite dad again. It could be after this interview. I don’t know. … Whatever they want to write, let them write it. They’re going to write it anyway. I’ve learned that lesson.”

Jon Gosselin: ‘I Can’t Sit on Sofa’ With Kate [ABC News]

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