Virgin America flight attendants get a CW show, celebrity florist Jeff Leatham will appear on TLC

A few new reality shows were announced recently that follow everyone from flight attendants to a D-list puppet.

The CW has ordered a docudrama starring flight attendants on Virgin America, the hip new airline that is completely awesome thanks to its mood lighting, wifi, and the fact that everything from its check-in counters to the interiors of the planes seem are as slick and shiny as an Apple Store. Anyway, Fly Girls will debut next year and follow “five beautiful Virgin America flight attendants” as they “jet from one glamorous location to the next … while pursuing good times, great parties, adventure and love,” according to the CW. They’ll also share a house in L.A., and it sounds like it’s going to be as trashy as possible.

In October, truTV will follow “workers who have to deal with extreme conflict” and “get yelled at, spit on and sometimes even assaulted” in its new series All Worked Up.

Starting in November, TLC will air a docudrama called Flowers Uncut with Jeff Leatham that “chronicles Leatham’s fast-paced lifestyle and goes behind-the-scenes as he tries to build his own floral empire and conquer the New York event design scene,” according to the network.

Finally, it’s not a reality show, but MTV has ordered a scripted, puppet-driven series called Warren the Ape, “a scripted comedy set within a fictional reality show” that “chronicles the trials and tribulations of a D-grade celebrity puppet,” according to MTV. That puppet “sampled a brief taste of success as a star on the former sitcom ‘Greg The Bunny'” but his “life has been in a downward spiral ever since the show got canceled. When the opportunity for his own reality show arises, Warren takes this chance to restore his celebrity status once again.”

Wait, why do we need fiction and puppets for that? Isn’t that just every single show on VH1?

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