Tracy McGrady’s trip to Darfur chronicled in new documentary 3 Points

Houston Rockets player Tracy “T-Mac” McGrady recently changed his jersey number from 1 to 3, connecting his basketball with his humanitarian work, and specifically to a summer 2007 trip to Darfur that is chronicled in a new documentary called 3 Points.

The 90-minute film is directed by Josh Rothstein, and is available for free on Hulu. In an interview on Hulu’s blog, McGrady says the name comes from “the three P’s that [people in Darfur] wanted. That’s to be protected; they wanted punishment, and they wanted peace. I’ve learned that the kids over there, they want to be educated. My whole idea coming back was to tell their stories and let people know what’s going on over there in Darfur.”

McGrady went there somewhat ignorant of what was going on, and that’s the point of the film. He said, “I just think it was important for me to learn as much as possible, to get as much information as I could to learn about the conflict. For me to admit to my fans that it’s not embarrassing to me to admit that I don’t know something. I just wanted to get all this information and learn as much as possible, and to show my fans that it’s OK to say that you don’t know about something and [you] want to learn more. I want them to also learn what’s going on over there, so I wanted to document this whole trip.”

Watch the full documentary here:

3 Points [Hulu]

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